Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Chloe's Roy Bag in Washed Blue


So a few days ago, I spoke with my SA at Louis Vuitton and she told me that boxes were unavailable. I figured I'd hold off on a couple of purchases (I intended to do an unboxing) and browse through one of my favourite brands: Chloe. 

Recently, I've been on a Louis Vuitton high going off to purchase bags one after another. However, one recent post from my favourite Instagrammer: Megumi Kanzaki fueled my desire to get something from Chloe. I contacted the local concierge for Chloe here which is Adora. At first, it was a tedious process as they did not have a payment getaway for the brand. We even had to book the courier to pick-up the bag ourselves! However, it was worth it in the end. I simply did not like the struggle it took to get the bag.

I've been eyeing the Roy bag since last year. I was supposed to get the Roy bag from MyTheresa, however, back then--- they had this system in place in which you had to confirm your order through e-mail. I was in Japan at that time and wasn't able to get back to it. So, they cancelled my order. It was for the white version of the bag which I thought was gorgeous!

First and foremost, I got the bag on a huge discount! From around 85,000+, I got it for around PHP 37,000 which is over half off.

PSA: I do enjoy Chloe bags a lot. When it comes to trendy / hot items, I mostly get them full price from brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior. However, Chloe's bags often tend to go on sale. And the resale value is incredibly low which is why I prefer to buy Chloe bags during a sale. For me, Chloe bags fit my feminine and girly style so no matter what season--- it doesn't matter, it fits a lot with my puffy dresses and sleeves regardless so I would rather get them with a good deal. Ya feel me?

Here are the corresponding details for the bag:

I was drawn to the colour immediately!

For starters, the bag was released in 2018. It is in smooth calfskin! There is a drawstring cotton lining and leather enclosure. This colour is a seasonal colour (Washed Blue), so I assume that's what lowered the price further. There are also some minor scratches on the hardware / bag which is typical for this kind of bag as it went on sale. I'm not going to expect a perfect bag for a bag which was sold for over half off. I'm actually impressed with the quality it came in.

There are several types of Roy bags, but this is the bucket version. It's pretty roomy. I know there's a larger version of this bag. This is the smaller one, and I find that it suits my sensibilities more. I think the bigger version takes away from its charm in my opinion. This bag is definitely meant for casual outings, dates in the park or brunch with the girls.

One of the things I love about Chloe is how feminine it is! I love how effortless the bags look. It has such a French sensibility in a way that the bags look effortlessly cluttered (?) is that the proper term ;;; I don't think it is. But Chloe bags often have a lot going on without looking dishevelled.

The bags have the same cloth lining which I think is genius. There's also a black leather portion. I think it's amazing how the creative director managed to mix and match hardware, textures and leathers into one bag without making it look obtuse. For me, I love that look especially when you carry the bag on its top handle and the longer strap creates a contrast. 

  • Unique
  • Definitely a statement piece
  • Cute and is the perfect size
  • You can easily get this on sale or at the preloved market!
  • Cute and compact
  • Has plenty of elements that work together effortlessly
  • Discreet in terms of logo and branding

  • The leather has the tendency to get scratched easily
  • You need to baby this bag
  • Difficult to find brand new
  • As the fabric inside can get dirty, make sure you don't put pens or whatnot inside.
  • Poor resale value, in fact, I don't recommend it.

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