Saturday, January 18, 2020

Louis Vuitton's Dauphine PM

Louis Vuitton's Dauphine is a GEM.

I'm not going to lie!

I have been coveting Louis Vuitton’s Dauphine at the very moment I saw it in their latest Cruise 2019 campaign. I recall stopping by the bookstore and flipping through Vogue’s then-cover with Kim Kardashian clad in a nude dress. My heart stopped beating for a moment. Literally! For me, the bag embodies such a chic and graceful vibe while being fun.

When I decided to purchase this bag, I recall another mother-daughter duo eyeing this bag. It was the final piece in the store and while I was trying the smaller version, the daughter took the bag from our side of the table and began to beg her mother to buy this bag. Thankfully, our client advisor was able to get the bag back. I didn't understand this back then but I watched a Youtube video saying that such behaviour was inappropriate. One musn't just grab another client's items without proper permission as it is considered as "theirs" and is actually considered rude.

Anyway! My Mom told me I should get the PM / larger version because then I can fit more items in and the price difference is small. (I am a packrat.) 

Out from the box!

My goodness. There are no words! 

The Dauphine is a solid, chic bag. I find that this bag suits my style a lot. It's in a classic shape, the logo is a nice touch and isn't overly large. I can see myself using it daily now and even when I have children! 

The Dauphine stands galant on its own. 

The bag has a chain and leather strap included. The MM version does not have a chain and it's strap is thinner as they market it more of as a crossbody style. 

The newly added Reverse Monogram is a welcome addition. It gives the bag a more chic and modernized look without having to add brash elements. To open the bag, simply lift the front flap. It has a strong magnetic closure.

A new addition to this bag is the chain strap. It's a thick and robust chain that is pretty unique. The chain adds a beautiful golden element to the bag which enhances the neutral, brown tones of the bag.

Show your back, please!

This bag is best held on your shoulder. Whenever they promote the bag, they often include both straps. However, they are both detachable and you can easily choose your preference. You can even detach both and carry the bag in a clutch-style.


  • Gorgeous and chic design
  • Two strap options: chain and leather strap
  • Roomy
  • Amazing quality
  • Beautiful, small details
  • Strong magnetic closure
  • Low maintenance

  • Accordion-style which limits the amount of items you can put.

See you on my next bag post!