Saturday, January 11, 2020

Chloe's Mini C Bag

Anything Chloe releases, I must buy. Or at least try!

Oh my goodness. 

Natascha Ramsay-Levi's Chloe is something I am completely on-board with. While I first fell head over heels with Chloe during Claire Waight Keller's reign, I am now completely open with the new Chloe. Every season, their campaigns are absolutely bomb. The photography, the styling, the branding! While I can never be a full-on boho, free-spirit chic woman as the Chloe girl, I do love the brand's aesthetics and try to cop whatever I can. Their pieces feel like jewelry. They exude a certain femininity without shoving pink or anything gaudy on your face - which for a 26 year-old is a game-changer. 

After getting my Chloe Tess bag, I knew I had to have this piece as well. I bought this bag around July-August of last year. The first moment I laid my eyes on this bag, I knew it was meant for me. I opted for this caramel brown colour because I think it can easily fit in with any season. There's something about Chloe making the freshest, trendiest bag designs. 

Almost every season, you can easily count on Chloe being a part of the top it-bags and for good reason. Everything they produce is somehow covetable. At least in my eyes, like- I must have it! Even without no one's influence. I see Chloe, and I'm like. Yes. 

Here in the Philippines, Chloe still isn't a mainstream brand. There isn't a specific, designated Chloe store. I purchase my bags from a store called Adora (which also carries Valentino), whenever I am traveling or online. In the past, Adora also carried Loewe but they branched out to their own boutique in Shangri-la. 

For me, it's what makes the brand so appealing. Their products are clearly well-made and exude luxury without every single person owning the same type of bag. There's always a considerable issue as to Chloe leaning on the trendier side and not having long-standing but value. But I believe that if it's your style and you know you'll get a lot of use out of it, buy it! 

Of course, for the most part, I love the brand's aesthetic. Boho, fun with a touch of class.

I do adore the new logo, too!

The Mini C bag is actually a simple box bag but it's the details that kept me intrigued. I saw a lot of the top bloggers using this bag and I felt pretty jealous at those who would use the bag in a variety of iterations from plain to mock croc and different leather finishes! It's such a fun bag which can be styled in plenty of ways. Since it has a (generally) simple design, it can definitely accompany different outfits.

The bag has a magnetic closure which isn't all that strong so be sure not to overstuff your bag! This is definitely a bag that should just fit in your bare necessities. 

The interior of the bag is lined with canvas so it's important to be careful in handling items that may cause damage such as pens or liquids. If anything spills, it will definitely be a pain to clean up. Or should I just say costly? 

The two golden accents on the handle is what differentiates the bag from other box-type bags. They frame the bag nicely and accompanies the golden C logo upfront well. 

The back of the bag is simple.

As per usual with crossbody bags, it's important to wear any dark denim or similar type of fabrics due to color transfer!

Over-all, I think this actually a good piece to own if you don't have a box-type bag yet. It's very chic and compact. It should fit in all your essentials. With the right colour, it's a great piece to carry anytime of the year in my opinion. I imagine this would look beautiful with a white prairie dress and a straw hat to a winter coat and boots when you're out for a coffee run or on a date.

You can carry the bag with its top handle or with the strap. I personally think this bag is best held with its handle than as a crossbody. 

  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Accents are gorgeous
  • Perfect use for fun days out
  • Well-built
  • Classic shape

  • Limited space
  • Pricey
  • Magnetic closure isn't powerful

Would I recommend this bag? Yes, if you want to have a cute fun bag. Pick a color that can easily transition the seasons to get more use out of it. If you have a similar box-type bag, you can definitely skip.