Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Chloe's Roy Bag in Washed Blue


So a few days ago, I spoke with my SA at Louis Vuitton and she told me that boxes were unavailable. I figured I'd hold off on a couple of purchases (I intended to do an unboxing) and browse through one of my favourite brands: Chloe. 

Recently, I've been on a Louis Vuitton high going off to purchase bags one after another. However, one recent post from my favourite Instagrammer: Megumi Kanzaki fueled my desire to get something from Chloe. I contacted the local concierge for Chloe here which is Adora. At first, it was a tedious process as they did not have a payment getaway for the brand. We even had to book the courier to pick-up the bag ourselves! However, it was worth it in the end. I simply did not like the struggle it took to get the bag.

I've been eyeing the Roy bag since last year. I was supposed to get the Roy bag from MyTheresa, however, back then--- they had this system in place in which you had to confirm your order through e-mail. I was in Japan at that time and wasn't able to get back to it. So, they cancelled my order. It was for the white version of the bag which I thought was gorgeous!

First and foremost, I got the bag on a huge discount! From around 85,000+, I got it for around PHP 37,000 which is over half off.

PSA: I do enjoy Chloe bags a lot. When it comes to trendy / hot items, I mostly get them full price from brands like Louis Vuitton and Dior. However, Chloe's bags often tend to go on sale. And the resale value is incredibly low which is why I prefer to buy Chloe bags during a sale. For me, Chloe bags fit my feminine and girly style so no matter what season--- it doesn't matter, it fits a lot with my puffy dresses and sleeves regardless so I would rather get them with a good deal. Ya feel me?

Here are the corresponding details for the bag:

I was drawn to the colour immediately!

For starters, the bag was released in 2018. It is in smooth calfskin! There is a drawstring cotton lining and leather enclosure. This colour is a seasonal colour (Washed Blue), so I assume that's what lowered the price further. There are also some minor scratches on the hardware / bag which is typical for this kind of bag as it went on sale. I'm not going to expect a perfect bag for a bag which was sold for over half off. I'm actually impressed with the quality it came in.

There are several types of Roy bags, but this is the bucket version. It's pretty roomy. I know there's a larger version of this bag. This is the smaller one, and I find that it suits my sensibilities more. I think the bigger version takes away from its charm in my opinion. This bag is definitely meant for casual outings, dates in the park or brunch with the girls.

One of the things I love about Chloe is how feminine it is! I love how effortless the bags look. It has such a French sensibility in a way that the bags look effortlessly cluttered (?) is that the proper term ;;; I don't think it is. But Chloe bags often have a lot going on without looking dishevelled.

The bags have the same cloth lining which I think is genius. There's also a black leather portion. I think it's amazing how the creative director managed to mix and match hardware, textures and leathers into one bag without making it look obtuse. For me, I love that look especially when you carry the bag on its top handle and the longer strap creates a contrast. 

  • Unique
  • Definitely a statement piece
  • Cute and is the perfect size
  • You can easily get this on sale or at the preloved market!
  • Cute and compact
  • Has plenty of elements that work together effortlessly
  • Discreet in terms of logo and branding

  • The leather has the tendency to get scratched easily
  • You need to baby this bag
  • Difficult to find brand new
  • As the fabric inside can get dirty, make sure you don't put pens or whatnot inside.
  • Poor resale value, in fact, I don't recommend it.

Thank you for reading!


Monday, August 17, 2020

Louis Vuitton's Vanity PM! FINALLY.

 I finally got a piece!

When I first saw this on the Spring-Summer 2020 runway, I knew. I already knew I had to get this bag immediately. It proved popular with other customers and collectors as well, so it was a fierce battle. I remember Elaine and I asking Ms. Aljen daily to see if one piece has randomly arrived --- ready for me. Brazen as that may be, it paid off. (After 5-6 months, that is.) Elaine messaged me around Saturday afternoon. I snagged it immediately, and thankfully- it was shipped on the same day. I haven't stopped admiring it since.

When it comes to bags, my personal philosophy is that I love fun & cute bags which often border on trendy pieces. To me, I love to have fun with fashion. I want my pieces to reflect a sense of youth and child-like elements. This bag reminds me of a cute make-up case that I used to carry as a kid before putting on a copious amount of red blush and glossy lips.

So let's start with the specifics:

The bag is generally a good size. I mean, in comparison to micro bags, this is quite big and spacious at 19.0 x 13.0 x 11.0 cm. It's compact, lightweight yet has enough room for one's essentials. It comes with the luggage tag, lock & key, and the beautiful chain strap.

A lot of people were encouraging others to simply get the Vanity Case (which in retrospect if you want to get in on the trend but not spend the $$$ you can), but I preferred this a lot more as it was in the reverse. The leather trim is calf-skin. Plus, I'm just a huge fan of the reverse monogram. 

This is a structured bag. However, the canvas is a bit soft. Therefore, it is important to keep your items neatly and preferably with an organizer to maintain its shape. When it's not in use, you have to fill it up with a bag pillow or some thick cloth so it won't loosen up. 

One of the things that people (including myself) will probably be annoyed about is the opening. But it is part of the design element, and as we all say, it is what it is. As the canvas is soft and not made of completely structured material: think their EPI leather, this is to be expected.

The bag has a microfiber lining which isn't something I'm mad about. 

On a side note, this is my first ever Made in Italy piece. I've been looking at other reviews as well, it seems a lot of people have theirs made in Italy, too?

There are 4 bottom studs to help support the bag. This bag WILL sag so avoid putting in heavy items as much as possible. Use an organizer to help keeps its shape.

The bag has a lot of adorable elements included as well. I think the bag was designed with a Louis Vuitton vibe. Nicholas Ghesquire definitely achieved "Vuitton-ing" it if you get my drift.

The bag's added elements are adorable and well-made.

The strap is perfect for me. It reminds me a lot of Chanel's straps. This is a more chic and less clunky version that suits the bag. Personally, I don't see myself hanging it on a crossbody. I prefer to just leave the strap on as another added design element for the bag.

  • Adorable design
  • Spacious
  • Has various design elements
  • Can be carried top handle or crossbody
  • Lightweight (without the lock)

  • Pricey in comparison to LV's other vanity kits
  • The bag isn't structured so it will sag.
  • The zipper opening and closing can be a pain.
So that's it for my thoughts on LV's Vanity PM! I am very happy to have her in my collection!

Thank you for reading!


Monday, March 30, 2020

Gucci's Small Dionysus in Beige

... and the days float by...

Hello, everyone!

How is everyone doing during the enhanced community quarantine? Here in my country, all of us are required to stay at home. In fact, to leave, you have to show off these primordial quarantine passes. Each locality gives us a quarantine pass which you can present at checkpoints. If you don't show them, they won't allow you to pass through unless it's an emergency. My family and I have followed the quarantine rules straight to a t. My cousin and Dad's bodyguard are the only ones who leave the house. Often, it's just for food or supplies. Nothing more, nothing less. When they arrive, everything is immediately disinfected. They even have to take a bath upon arrival.

In my case, I've been in quarantine for over 3 weeks now. A week prior to the announcement of the quarantine, my parents already barred me from leaving the house. I've always been productive inside the house so nothing much has changed with me sans the enormous amount of Facebook posts on my feed. 

I hope you and your loved ones are all safe!

Today, I wanted to talk about my last Gucci piece which is the Gucci Dionysus in Beige. This is in a small size. I've had this bag for over two years now. I purchased this bag around March 2018.

If you are looking to invest in a classic piece that will last you a long time, this is the bag for you.

The bag has several models. I decided to go for the 'small' version as I thought it was the most chic design among the available models. This bag is the canvas version. There are other versions in suede, leather and of course the canvas. I chose the canvas version as I currently own a lot of Gucci canvas bags, and from my experience, Gucci canvas is strong and durable. I have the Ophidia bags as well. While the leather from the linings have worn out, the canvas looks brand new. I can say the same for the canvas on this Dionysus.

The detail on the Dionysus symbol is exquisite. When it comes to bags, I like having my bags with a certain 'point'. For this bag, the Dionysus detail is certainly the bag's focal point. It is very thick and robust. The details are intricate on the bag. At first, I wasn't too particular with the silver detail. My Marmonts have the vintage-gold colour, but it eventually worked out perfectly for me. 

The bag has a fasten-clip closure. You have to press the left button for it to release.

I really love this bag. Prior to my current Louis Vuitton addiction, I brought this bag with me everywhere. I would personally never sell this bag. To me, it is a classic. 

In terms of design, the bag is an accordion-type. Much like the current Dauphine iteration, the bag has a large pocket at the center. It is lined with beige-colored suede. It also comes in different colours. I figured it was time for me to have a more neutral-colored bag as most of my bags are black. It can fit in a lot of items. I even keep my Nintendo Switch in here when I'm traveling. 

As with most accordion bags, it has a middle pocket. You can store important documents, cash or cards here.

There is not much I dislike about the Gucci Dionysus. I've owned this bag for 2 years. It has withstood a lot of beating. Prior to having my other bags, this was my daily go-to bag. It is a durable bag.

Another detail you might want to consider is the bag's chains. It is heavy-duty. You can truly feel the quality and robustness of the chains. If this bothers you, this will be a difficult thing to contend with. For me, my shoulders can take it. However, if you will be walking around, it may be a bit heavy for you. 

You can carry it as a shoulder bag and adjust the length of the chains. I personally just like the normal way of carrying this bag which is the 2 chains on the shoulder. It kinda looks chic when you carry it that way. 

  • The Dionysus detail is well-crafted
  • Chic design makes it timeless
  • Reasonable price
  • Sturdy, well-built
  • Looks classy and expensive
  • Suits a lot of outfits

  • Heavy
  • Robust
  • Weighty chains
  • Absolutely not for travel where you want an ease-free, light bag!

Love, Mika

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Jacquemus' Le Chiquito Bag

This brand-!

I love Jacquemus. I love everything it stands for, what it represents, that easy, breezy chic vibe! 

Every season, I'm intrigued by their shows. There's some form of fresh, free-flowing energy that comes through in all of their collection which I truly enjoy. I think Simone Jacquemus has created something utterly wonderful. Even when you watch his Instagram stories, he always has a smile on and has consistent, good vibes! His collections truly reflect his sensibility which is truly rare these days.

The Le Chiquito bag comes in a canvas bag (which perfectly fits their aesthetic), a tag and a strap. Definitely, definitely it's pricey for what it is! However, you ultimately buy into the quality. It's nothing insane to the price point of Louis Vuitton or Chanel but it's definitely up there.

The bag has a solid structure and design which makes it a loveable piece. When you hold it, it's certainly not a delicate bag. (At least in this type of leather and size) The design is simple yet has a cartoon-ish appeal due to its size which makes one feel like their younger days holding a toy. The leather is durable and grained so there's no need for worry. 

Now, this doesn't seem to be a lot! And if you're talking about a daily context, of course it isn't!

But this bag can definitely fit in a small perfume sample, a lipstick, those Watsons packet of wipes, wad of cash and a couple of credit cards. You'll definitely have to carry your phone with you though which may not be good if you're going to commute and the like. If you're going out to party with friends, out on a date or just an evening event, I think this cutie would definitely love to come with you and keep you company. 

It's just a simple strap. No big deal. There's no branding element to it either so you can use it for your other bags if you so wish.

This bag definitely begs to be carried top handle though!

  • Sleek, chic design
  • Can be carried two ways
  • Solid leather

  • Pricey
  • Impractical
  • Trendy
There are different sizes to this bag but the small version definitely won a lot of people's heart for good reason! It's cute, compact and fun! I would, however, recommend purchasing a bright colour for an added punch!

Thank you very much for reading! 


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Louis Vuitton's Dauphine PM

Louis Vuitton's Dauphine is a GEM.

I'm not going to lie!

I have been coveting Louis Vuitton’s Dauphine at the very moment I saw it in their latest Cruise 2019 campaign. I recall stopping by the bookstore and flipping through Vogue’s then-cover with Kim Kardashian clad in a nude dress. My heart stopped beating for a moment. Literally! For me, the bag embodies such a chic and graceful vibe while being fun.

When I decided to purchase this bag, I recall another mother-daughter duo eyeing this bag. It was the final piece in the store and while I was trying the smaller version, the daughter took the bag from our side of the table and began to beg her mother to buy this bag. Thankfully, our client advisor was able to get the bag back. I didn't understand this back then but I watched a Youtube video saying that such behaviour was inappropriate. One musn't just grab another client's items without proper permission as it is considered as "theirs" and is actually considered rude.

Anyway! My Mom told me I should get the PM / larger version because then I can fit more items in and the price difference is small. (I am a packrat.) 

Out from the box!

My goodness. There are no words! 

The Dauphine is a solid, chic bag. I find that this bag suits my style a lot. It's in a classic shape, the logo is a nice touch and isn't overly large. I can see myself using it daily now and even when I have children! 

The Dauphine stands galant on its own. 

The bag has a chain and leather strap included. The MM version does not have a chain and it's strap is thinner as they market it more of as a crossbody style. 

The newly added Reverse Monogram is a welcome addition. It gives the bag a more chic and modernized look without having to add brash elements. To open the bag, simply lift the front flap. It has a strong magnetic closure.

A new addition to this bag is the chain strap. It's a thick and robust chain that is pretty unique. The chain adds a beautiful golden element to the bag which enhances the neutral, brown tones of the bag.

Show your back, please!

This bag is best held on your shoulder. Whenever they promote the bag, they often include both straps. However, they are both detachable and you can easily choose your preference. You can even detach both and carry the bag in a clutch-style.


  • Gorgeous and chic design
  • Two strap options: chain and leather strap
  • Roomy
  • Amazing quality
  • Beautiful, small details
  • Strong magnetic closure
  • Low maintenance

  • Accordion-style which limits the amount of items you can put.

See you on my next bag post!